Te Awamutu Meetings

Tuesday 5:30 - 7:15pm (weekly)
Te Awamutu Club,
542 Alexandra Street,
Te Awamutu.
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Visiting Rotarians are always welcome. Excellent dinner $20.00

Registrations & Apologies to Sid Lim. 

Phone (07) 871-4587
Cell 027-2893898


Welcome to Te Awamutu Rotary



Te Awamutu Rotary Book Fair held

25th to 29th June 2019.

Thank you to all supporters and sponsors for this event.

Funds raised will benefit communities in the local area


See you all next year




Rotary Christmas Parade


To be held on Saturday 14th December 2019.


To enter a float, register here





Te Awamutu Rotary 4 WD Safari

2020 Event details will be published later this year.

Click here for entry documentation: 

The 2019 event was held at Kawhia on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th February.

Thanks to Sponsors and entrants for supporting this event.

Funds raised benefit communities in the Local area.


Contact David Samuel for further information.


A promotional 4WD video can be viewed at


Funds raised benefit communities in the Local area.



RYLA took place on 13th - 18th April 2019

2020 applications will be advertised early next year

Rotarys RYLA program is open to any young people in our district who have left secondary school. They can be tertiary students, farmers, teachers, electricians, and shop assistants … young people who show, through their actions, that they are emerging leaders.

RYLA is not a program to “sort out” wayward young people – it is to develop leadership skills and build support networks for focussed and enthusiastic young leaders.

TE AWAMUTU CANDIDATES WILL BE INTERVIEWED BY ROTARIANS FROM TE AWAMUTU ROTARY CLUB to determine their suitability for RYLA and that they are prepared to commit to this week-long, intensive development program.

RYLA offers the awardees an outstanding opportunity to grow as a leader in a week filled with challenge, new learning, teamwork and fun. The week long program has been professionally designed to cover the many aspects of leadership, and is based on a well-respected Leadership model. Leadership skills are developed through introducing new learning, meeting people who are living it, and giving it a go. There’s a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, some at the camp and others off site.

Next year’s program will be advertised early next year RYLA participants contribute $100.00 to Te Awamutu Rotary club and the club pays the total fee of $850.00 ($750 from the club and $100 from the Awardee)

This fee covers accommodation, food (including the formal dinner) facilitator fees where necessary, and all off site activities and buses for the week.

Enrollment forms for RYLA will be available from 



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